Samantha Alexander, Veterinary Assistant

Sammie started with Oasis Animal Hospital in September 2022 as a relief employee helping us fill a void.  She worked out so well that we hired her on a permanent basis.  Sammie has an amazing ability to calm down nervous dogs that would otherwise be fearful biters.  It is an amazing thing to watch happen.  Sammie grew up in Las Vegas and stayed here.  She in down to just one Great Dane, Noname that she cares for.  She lost her last three dogs in 2023.  They were Dukimus, an old diabetic Great Dane; Miss Stevie Nicks, a Mastiff mix; and Budd, a Pittie mix.  She has a growing son that is the love of her life., but he claims she liked Dukimus better (haha jk).  She has been an assistant for over 20 years and loves working with animals. She plans to one day retire and live on a small island with all large breed rescues.