We extend our heartfelt appreciation & OUTSTANDING COMMENDATIONS to Dr. Augenstein & her extraordinary wonderful fabulous staff, Joanie, Gabby and Kinsey.
We moved to Henderson with our 18 yr old Kitty 12 days ago and Kitty had a seizure. The lovely Joanie welcomed our call with her INTUITIVELY and caring way & fit Kitty in for an appt. Joanie was there to receive & comfort us. Nurse Gabby, gently took vital signs and calmed Kitty.
Gabby GENUINELY Loves her patients & has excellent communication skills with owners.
Dr. Augenstein has a natural way to make your pet relaxed & calm like they know she is there to help them. Dr. Augenstein understands worried owners & their concerns.
Her kindness as she discusses diagnosis and treatment was so appreciated. How wonderful to find the perfect Vet for our Kitty. At the completion of our visit, Kinsey was intent to make sure all our questions were answered, and that we knew the staff were here for us and Kitty. Grateful us.

The Bennett Family