Minnie Parets

I don’t know about you, but I hate change. Especially when it comes to my animals. And if I’ve made the wrong decision, my animal can’t tell me. But this time I’ve made the right decision!
When Doctor Augenstein bought Oasis I was indecisive as to whether to stay or find another vet for Minnie. So I went in to meet the doctor and tell her my concerns.
And I’m glad I did.
She is thoughtful, insightful, and answered questions I had and if she didn’t know the answer we found them out together. Sometimes, it can be a collaborative effort as well.

I have no intention of going anywhere else as I know that Doctor Augenstein will take care of Minnie to the best of her ability. I know Minnie is in good hands. And should Adelaide, my cat, need anything, I know I can rely on Doctor Augenstein without hesitation.

Lynda Parets