Clinic Pets
                               Silas - Too Cool For School
                                                       My brother (Simeon) and I have resided at Oasis Animal Hospital since we were little.  While Simeon is friendly with everyone, I tend to be a little more reserved and want you to prove I can trust you.  However, once I know you, I am VERY affectionate, and will talk to you and tell you when you can come and pet me while I eat.  I have filled the role of Comforter here at Oasis, and because I am so sensitive, when I see someone who needs a little more love and affection, I will rub on them and let them pick me up, cry in my fur, and be comforted by my deep base purring.  I can also be often found lying next to animals recovering from surgery, in order to keep them warm and comforted.

Simeon - The Smart Boy
My brother (Silas) and I have lived at Oasis Animal Hospital since we were 6 weeks old, and as soon as I could sneak up front, I became a regular fixture in the Reception area, where I enjoy watching birds, sitting on laps, playing with my toy mice, introducing myself to the animal patients, and lounging in the sun.  I can usually be found helping the Client Service Representatives type on the computer, and have never met a box that couldn't be improved by my presence. And my specialty as Dr. Simeon Fisher (I even have my own degree that Cathy & Kristi made) is detecting Urinary Tract Infections with ease!
                           Jazzy - The Queen
                                            My Loyal Subjects, you may call me Jazz, although I do prefer "Her Majesty."  I have been at Oasis Animal Hospital since 2009, when I was literally dropped off in a box.  In my former home, I had been VERY badly abused, and it took a few years before I trusted anyone or would allow anyone to pet me, or hold me. . . in fact if you had tried to do this, I would have shown you how I use my teeth and claws.  Now however, I have realized that I am in a much better place, and have learned to allow my subjects to pet me (but only when I allow it).
                              Soloman - The Entertainer
                                                      Hello, my name is Solomon, but most people call me 'Solly' (or Silly Solly).  I have been at Oasis Animal Hospital ever since I was about 6 weeks old in 2009.  I originally came with 5 other brothers and sisters, but I found them all good homes, and decided that I enjoyed living here at Oasis, and so I adopted Kristi so that I could stay.  I love to have people see how cute I am, and will sometimes dress up in order just to make people laugh.  I think it is a lot of fun living with three other cats, and I enjoy jumping on them, and wrestling (although sometimes they fight back, and that is not so much fun).  I love to strut around and show off the "Super Solly" insignia on my chest, and will usually walk up to you, in order for you to be allowed to pet me.

Dr. Brian Fisher, DVM, pictured with Simeon
                                                               As far as I can remember, I have always had a great love and affinity for animals.  Growing up in Huntington Beach, California, I grew up in a house with dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, snakes, turtles, and a plethora of fresh-water fish.  From loving and taking care of this menagerie, I have always known that I wanted to be surrounded by animals throughout my life.  When I was about 8 years old, I found out that I could combine this desire with my love of Science and Medicine and become a Veterinarian.  From then on, I knew what I wanted to do.
     My family moved from California to Kansas as I was starting High School, and I went to college and earned a degree in Agriculture with an Emphasis in Animal Nutrition.  I then went on to attend and graduate from Kansas State University - College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993.
     My wife Kristi (of 27+ years), and I moved to the Las Vegas Valley, where we have resided since 1993.  I have worked for a few private and corporate Veterinary Hospitals, and decided that I wanted to "do Veterinary Medicine the way it used to be," so in 2000, we opened Oasis Animal Hospital.
     As the owner and Veterinarian at Oasis Animal Hospital, I get to spend more time with our Oasis Family (Clients), and can educate them to make sure that they can give the best care to their furry family members.  And since we have such a great work family, I can concentrate on Diagnosis, Surgery and Treating all of our great pets.
     Kristi and I have 3 boy cats (Simeon, Silas and Soloman) who live at Oasis Animal Hospital, and 1 girl cat (Jasmine or Jazzy) who lives at home (because all of the boys pick on her).
     In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, Scuba Diving, kayaking, travel and learning new things.  I love to invent new things and create new ways to improve how things are done.  I also like to relax by doing puzzles, like Sudoku.

Administrative Director
Kristi Fisher, pictured with Simeon

                                                I was born and raised in central Kansas. While I was in my last year of college at Fort Hays earning a bachelor's degree Education, I met Brian Fisher. That was in 1986. We sustained a long-distance relationship as he was heading off to K-State in Manhattan and I stayed around Salina to teach Art. We were married in 1989. A few years later, the week of his graduation from Vet School, we loaded all we owned and drove to Las Vegas for his 1st job as a Veterinarian.  After Brian had worked for a few years for others, we decided we would like to open our own hospital, so we began planning, working, and building. We opened Oasis Animal Hospital in March of 2000, and have enjoyed a thriving practice ever since. I am so pleased and blessed by our great clients and their pets, and our amazing staff (co-workers) who are dedicated, caring and professional. Our Oasis "family" and practice has given me many opportunities for personal and professional growth, deep friendships, and the love of hundreds of 4-legged friends as well. (P.S. if you see a blond lady in a ball cap and jeans running in and out and talking "baby- talk" to the animals, it's probably me :)

Support Staff
                                                               Jennifer Bottita, LVT, pictured with "The Dude"
                                                               I am a licensed Veterinary Technician here at Oasis, I have been part of the Oasis Family since 2004. My love for animals started when I was a child. I always seemed to bond with every animal I came into contact with. While growing up, my mother tried to push me to go to Vet School, but I never thought I was smart enough and I most certainly didn't think I would be able to handle dealing with the physical and emotional part of healing animals. After having my own child when I was 28 years old, I found there was a side to me I never knew I had. I was able to handle so much more then I ever gave myself credit for. So I decided to go to CSN and pursue a career in Veterinary Technology. There were many, many times my instructor, Dr. Olsen, had to push me to be strong. I didn't want to do things like draw blood, place IV catheters, draw urine from a bladder or poke an animal at all. I was always afraid of hurting them. He explained to me that because of my loving, caring nature "you are exactly what this profession needs." I am so very thakful for Dr. Olsen for showing me my true potential. I graduated and got my LVT license in 2004. I was hired here at Oasis later in 2004. Dr. Fisher has been so amazing and has taught me to be the fabulous technician I am today. At Oasis, I am so lucky to to be able to spend a lot of time with patients and clients, getting to know them very well. Helping them get through difficult situations is a huge part of my job. I try to help owners stay strong and make the right decisions for their pets. I have cried and laughed a lot over the years of caring for pets at Oasis. I now have very close relationships with many of our clients and always close relationships with all of my patients. My goal is to keep all of our pets happy and healthy. I am always happy to educate clients so they can take the best care of their pets that they can. I am so very blessed to be part of the Oasis Family for so many years! I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart. We have a beautiful, talented daughter and a houseful of spoiled cats and dogs. Getting my LVT was a huge accomplishment in my life. Realizing how well I can handle sad and emotional situations is a huge accomplishment as well. I am very interested in helping care for anyone that I can make their life better. I always try to see the positive side of things, even when it seems there is nothing positive about the situation. God has blessed me with an open mind and a giant heart. I am always happy to share the love in my heart with everyone I meet.


                                                Paul Taylor, LVT
                                                I was raised in the town of Payson, UT. I have always loved animals and grew up with various pets. Where I grew up the only viable career in animal health was working with livestock, however that held no interest for me. So, I pursued other interests, got married and eventually ended up working in retail. After working retail for 8 years, I had moved to Las Vegas to take a management position, but found retail unstatisfying and found myself looking to change my career. I found out about the Veterinary Technician program at Pima Medical Institue and decided to attend. I graduated from PMI in January 2010, and have been employed at Oasis since March 2010. I have two beautiful daughters, two pugs, an adorable Boston Terrier and a little grey cat.
             As an LVT, I get to help keep your furry companions healthy and help educate you on how to better care for them. Working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician has been very rewarding, I could think of nothing else I would rather do as a career and no two days are ever the same. I really enjoy the technical side of my job such as drawing blood samples, placing IV cateters, taking radiographs, and dental cleanings. 


                              Haley Fish, Kennel Tech & Client Relation Specialist (Pictured with                                                                    Simeon.)
                                                      I was born and raised in Henderson, NV, although my family is originally from Livingston, MT. I attended Basic High School and graduated in June of 2016. I've always loved animals (Especially cats!!). I grew up with 4 fur-babies, and I've been hooked on animals ever since!  I love working at Oasis, and my time here is split between the front desk and the back kennels, so you will see me running all over the place!
At home I mostly spend my time watching Netflix, playing the ukulele, and fawning over my cat-children, Tori and Gizmo (and my dog-daughter, Jasmine!). I also love to read, write, and sing. (I have a professional background in jazz and classical voice!) I also hike, climb, and boulder for fun as well. Music is my passion, but taking care of animals is my career, and I wouldn't change it for the world!


                                                        Cali Dusack, Vet Assistant (Pictured with Luna)

                                                        I was born in California, but have lived in Las Vegas for 23 years now.                                                                I've been working with animals since I was 16 years old, in kennels,                                                                  and also dog training. I still petsit on the side, you can find my                                                                              card at Oasis' front desk! :) I love petsitting because I get to love on                                                                      everyone else's animals, too! I have two lovely pups, Mr. Handsome                                                                  and Athena, and they're my world! I am currently attending school to be a Veterinary Technician. My love for animals knows no bounds, and I can't wait to continue to help all of your sweet fur babies in the future!

                                                        Kathryn Marker, Kennel Tech (Pictured with [a grumpy] Solly)

                                                        I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and attend Coral Academy. In                                                                the hospital, I help assist with holding and restraining animals, and I                                                            also help out with cleaning the hospital (and the animals!) as well. I've                                                          wanted to be a veterinarian since I was 4 years old. I've always loved                                                                  animals! I started working at Oasis Animal Hospital after meeting Jen                                                          at Cafe Rio (where dreams come true ☺️), where she told me to "Come                                                                on down!" When I graduate from high school, I'd like to study                                                                                  Veterinary Medicine at either Kansas State or UC Davis. I am also an           excellent volleyball player, and I live at home with my mom and dad, and my two pups Yogi and Chewbacca. My other hobbies include art, watching anime, and eating sushi (yum!)


Client Relations Specialists​​

                                                      Linda Carter (Pictured with Mumble)

                                                      I am one of the Client Relation Specialists here at Oasis. I was born at Wilmington, Delaware. I moved to Las Vegas in 1982 and attended Eldorado High Scool & then UNLV. My life growing up, I always wanted to work with animals, rescued wild life & injured critters when I was younger. I love nursing animals back to health, then adopting them to forever homes. Growing up every summer, we would travel the states, meeting many wonderful people. I knew I would love to work with the public and all animals. I enjoy cooking at home, crafting is a hobby that I also enjoy. I could also say I'm a sports fan! Swimming, diving, NFL ( GO EAGLES!), NCAA Basketball (Duke Blue Devils), NBA (Go Celtis!). I do pet sitting & pet transportation as well. In my down time, I take Cane, my big loveable 9 year old Pit Bull for his walks, enjoy poetry, reading & listening to music. My husband and I enjoy going on weekend outings to the Springs Preserve, Mt. Charlestion, and Sunset Park for strolls. Family means the world to me.