Client Testimonials
             Dr. Fisher and the staff at Oasis Animal Hospital rock! We have been part of this unique family for the past 11 years. Dr. Fisher has cared for 4 of our beloved Australian cattle dog pups. Sadly and with much patience and understanding he and his caring staff have helped two of our family cross over the rainbow bridge with dignity and without pain, Norton and Hazel. Although our two current fur kids, Bella and Copper, aren't the happiest when they visit, the staff is patient with our hyper kids. I'd recommend this practice to any pet owner in Henderson. Thanks for all you do every day for our family.
          --Gary & Kathy Rosenfeld, part of the Oasis Family since 2004
        We have been going to Oasis Animal Hospital since 2004 when we only had Scamp. From the wonderful care and love that Dr. Fisher and his staff gave Scamp (and us) for the last four years of his life to the care they give our Charlie, Alex, Maya and the assorted other critters we have cared for -- we have always been happy with the care our fur kids get. We tell everyone that we know and we consider everyone at Oasis members of our extended family. We love you guys. (And even though Charlie never acts like it, he does too!)
         --Frank & Denise Bianca, part of the Oasis Family since 2004

                 I moved to LV about 12 years ago. I had 2 senior dogs. They were my life and the person that I picked to take care of them was one of the most important decisions in my life (my kids are both married). I talked to a lot of people and they all recommended OASIS on Eastern in Henderson. So I have been with Dr. Fisher since I moved here. He has helped me get these 2 dogs to heaven with great respect and dignity. He also helped me get through it. I have added 2 dogs to my family and they love OASIS. I had some surgery and I was having problems taking care of one dog. Dr. Fisher told me to just bring either one in any time I needed help. He is there for the owner in addition to the pet. His staff is excellent. If you want to make sure that your babies have the best care, OASIS is your place. When I go there I pass about 4 Vet’s that are a little closer, but I am not going to have anyone other than Dr. Fisher take care of them.
               --Lon Townsend, part of the Oasis Family since 2003


                                                                           Tally "Tay Tay Fulljames

​          Oasis Animal Hospital has far surpassed any tests this Diva has thrown at them. I give them 5 Meows for compassion, professionalism and expertise. I'm TayTay Fulljames and I approve this message!
                           --Gracie Fulljames, part of the Oasis Family since 2008


                                                                         Havoc Brown

Hello? Is the camera rolling? Test, test, test. Ah, there you are! My name is Havoc. That's right, Havoc as in 'Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war,' Havoc. I met Dr Fisher and his staff for the first time last week. I got a shot and something gooey that didn't taste very good too eat, but they were so nice I didn't even notice it. Then I got my nails done by a very nice lady who gave me treats afterward. Then I did my little dance (the lady's love that) and got even more treats. My highly tuned beagle senses gives four paws up to Dr. Fisher and his awesome staff. Havoc Brown
                        --Holly Brown, part of the Oasis Family since 2007

Our 3 dogs love going to Oasis. They cannot wait to get out of the car and smell the grassy patch, go potty and run to the front door. They especially love Jen & Cathy. I don't think they realize Dr. Fisher is "one of the awful vets", ha!
--Dorothy & Jeff Gilbert, part of the Oasis Family since 2011

Dr. Fisher and his staff have been kind and wonderful with my dogs, Tuki and Murphy, both Wheaton Terriers. We have been clients for about 14 years. Last November, we lost Tuki, she was almost 14, after good care and many visits, she passed. It was very peaceful, thanks to all of the staff at Oasis. Murphy has been a healthy, active dog at 8 years old. Recently, he went through emergency surgery, again, Dr. Fisher and his staff were on top of it. A few weeks later, he's getting back to himself. Thank you again for your care and support.
--Claudia Erickson, part of the Oasis Family since 2004

Kind, intelligent, organized, clean facility, great caregivers and educational to clients about pet care. Thank you everyone at Oasis!
-- Sandra Collier, part of the Oasis Family since 2008

Totally impressed with the facility and staff. Hannah seemed relaxed with Dr. Fisher and Jennifer. So happy to be a new client!
--Katherine Devaux, part of the Oasis Family since 2017

The doctor took his time with Chessie. The staff were very nice & friendly. I didn't feel rushed.
--Catherine Guillet, part of the Oasis Family since 2017

Dr. Fisher truly listens & explains the situation, makes me more confident in caring for my cats.
--Beth Gardner, part of the Oasis Family since 2017

I love the Oasis Staff - they are not only knowledgable, but friendly and super kind. I feel so comfortable here and especially with Dr. Fisher. I am also so happy when I can see that my dog loves being at Oasis Animal Hospital!
--Laura Grau, part of the Oasis Family since 2016

Everyone is wonderful, caring & very patient. Always available to answer all of our questions.
-- Ken & Irene Schwartz, part of the Oasis Family since 2015


Copper (left) &
Bella (right)

Maya (left), Charlie (middle) & Alex (right) Bianca

Queenie (left) & Stormy (right) Townsend